Welcome to KIM LEE

"Kim lee" A Chinese restaurant and take away Welcome aboard our Chinese cuisine and taste the most rejuvenating food you can feast on. Eying future expansion in the city and aiming to conquer more and more loyalty of our customers we are now online to make it easier for you to get contact us! Kim Lee being one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the city with years of experience in blending and serving Chinese food we have achieved a daunting task of being an able competitor to our rivals. Kim Lee brings the famous dragon of Chinese tradition to life personifying the specialty of our restaurant. With originality made in ever signature dish of ours we are proud to be known as one of the most hyped Chinese restaurants in Indiranagar. In order to promote Kim Lee as a brand our second outlet was established in Rajaji Nagar. Our restaurants have been hand crafted with elements inspired from a Chinese pictorials with extensive use of sacred animals, plants and wall paintings. Our customers have always left behind happy notes complimenting our etiquette and ambiance. Our aim is to sustain the fame we have earned over the years and ensure to grow bigger and better in the future years.